Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Colts nails

I decided it would be fun to paint my nails for the Superbowl and figured I'd go with the colts since they had funner colors to work with.

My idea for my nails was to have several different designs, but have the recurring theme of blue and white (I ended up doing lots of blue+silver though).
I ended up with three nail designs I really liked, a silver to blue gradiation, a blue and silver stripe, and a cool color that I made layering two existing colors I had.

My fave nail would be the silver to blue gradiation. For this nail I first painted it with a silver base (Sally Hansen hard as nails Celeb City). I then painted one coat of China Glaze Dorothy Who? Then I painted the tips of my nails with another layer of Dorothy Who? This color is great for building up a gradiation since it's sheer but builds up color intensity with every coat. I then added some silver glitter with a fine brush just at the tips of my nail bed.

My second fave nail was a color I mixed by painting one coat of Essie Midnight Cami and topping it with a coat of China Glaze Dorothy Who? and adding a rhinestone on top of it.

My third nail was a blue and silver striped nail. I used Essie Midnight Cami and a thinbrushed silver glitter to paint the stripes. I thought this nail was ok and nothing out of the ordinary.

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