Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the City 2 inspired Manicure

I wanted to do a SATC inspired manicure, and I was originally do an all gold one with lotsa rhinestones since gold seemed to be a dominant color in the movie posters...right before I started doing my nails, I looked at the poster one last time and got inspired to do what I ended up with instead...I used MAC Blue India, and swirled on OPI Suxi says feng shui, and white nail polish...finished it off with a layer of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and tipped it with the gold from the Orly FX collection and put some rhinestones on em...

The intended effect was to sort of imitate the poster look...I wish i'd had more white though whaddyu guys think?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

It was my friend Mike's bday and I let him do my nails as a birthday present...surprisingly he did quite a good job! I really liked some of the colors/designs he came up with...i didn't think he'd come up with anything cool but some of those were quite creative! theres the birthdayboy and me in the bottom pic =) i promised him i'd post these up on my blog =P

Sally Hansen HD manicure updated

I decided to add some paint splatters onto my manicure just for fun =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sally Hansen HD collection

I went to Walgreens yesterday w/ NO intention on buying nail polish until I saw this collection...I was intrigued since it looked so flashy and shimmery so I tried a couple colors on my nails and fell absoloutely in love with all of them...they;re SOOOOO shimmery and sparkly, moreso than any other nail polishes I own...I guess it has to do w/ their new formula they put mica crystals in em? I remember reading about it in someone else's blog...I don't know for thing I do know is that these are fantastically bright

Formula on these were a little sheer...I put on 3 pretty thick coats and I still would have put on one more if my friend hadn't showed up at my house...I was like, ya gotta wait for me to paint my nails...he was like, uhhh....and didn't say anything more haha

Anyway, these are so shiny, sparkly, shimmery, iridescent, duochromey...etc...they're definitely worth having =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Franken Mad as a Hatter wannabe

So I really wanted Mad as a Hatter but I havent been able to find it I decided to use all my RBL glitters to make my own version =P

I love how it turned was super sparkly, yet subtle...if that makes sense...and it didn't look like the glitter polishes that some 5 yr old would wear which is how some glitters on me end up looking like...

sorry about the repetitive-like pics...i just thought it was so pretty and i took a ton of pics so i figured i'd post em just to show how colorful and sparkly it was

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RBL Surf Collection Manicure! + Purple Haze

OMG I am loving this collection sooo much! The colors are sooo gorgeous and the formulas for these were incredible...all of them were 2 coaters...these are the first non-glitter polishes of RBL that I've tried (I own Locavore, Frugalista, and Look Rich Be Cheap which are my fave glitters out of everything I own) and I'm sooo loving the formula and application =D

I literally screamed when I received the packages cause I've been waiting for these for sooo long and missed the first pre-sale...anyway without further adieu, here's 360, Diddy Mow, Bangin, and Purple Haze (which was not part of the surf collection but I thought it'd go well with my manicure)
360: dusty greyed olive green w/ the slightest shimmer
Diddy Mow: dusty blue-grey with a touch of green w/ slight shimmer
Bangin: Hot, bright red w/ orange undertones
Purple Haze: Medium slightly greyed purple