Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barielle Shades - June Bug

So I've been wanting to try this shade out for so long, but there's been so many new nail polishes that just keep comin out that I kept pushing it back...I finally got to try it out since I bought it over a month ago and i LOVE this color! I love the pink sparkles in it as it makes it really unique, but it's just such a unique color in general. In the bottle, it resembles Barielle U Concrete Me, which is a slate grey, so I was actually a little dissapointed when I received June Bug, thinking that the color would be more grey. But oncee it's on the nails, the blueish turqoise shimmer makes the whole color look greyish's sucha unique color!!!

I put a comparison pic between June Bug and U Concrete Me just to show how in the bottle it looks greyish, but on the nail it looks fantastic and shimmery. You can see in the last pic how much more vibrant it is on the nail than in the bottle.

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