Sunday, June 27, 2010

HUGE French Manicure pic spam time!

Ok huge picture spam today...I was goin through all the pics on my iphone to delete as much as I could cause I wanted to update my iphone and figured the less stuff it had to back up, the less time it would take...anyway, I found a bunch of pictures of different french manicure I'd done over the past half year or so, so i'm just gonna post all of em up =)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lakers nails!!!!

I was actually rockin these nails from last Tuesday to last Saturday from when Lakers came home to play the last two games to their championship win...I'd like to think my nails contributed to their win =P but in all honesty I just wanted an excuse to do a themed manicure =P anyways...I used RBL Purple Haze for the purple nails and American Apparel Manilla envelope for the yellow...since purples photograph terribly inaccurately, these photos aren't true to color...I was gonna edit the colors in a editor but I just wanted to make a quick post this morning so I'm actually posting as I eat breakfast before I head to work...I'd say the last two pics are closest to being color accurate but it still doesn;t come close to how gorgeous purple haze is in real life

Monday, June 21, 2010

Neon Water Marble attempt

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...I've been kinda conservative with my nails lately since I started work, and my laptops been actin up so I can't upload my camera pics since I load em through the SD reader on my laptop...anyway these nails are pre-job last wild manicure for the past 3 weeks haha...I used china glaze's neon collection polishes, the yellow was a non-neon yellow from china glaze too...I wanted to do a marble after seeing someone else's neon water marble on their blog...but mine was a big fat fail =( u can see my left and right hand look absolutely and completely different even though I did them at the same time...for some reason they just didn't marble well...oh well =P

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bling Bling Challenge

I had on some pretty funky nails earlier this week until I got called in for a interview yesterday morning...they wanted me to go in for the interview in the afternoon on the same day so I quickly stripped off what I had and painted them the nude color from the Lippmann collection...i LOVE LOVE LOVE that color...anyway, after the interview I really wanted to participate in Polish Hoarder Disorder's weekly nail challenge, the theme being "Bling Bling" this here's what I came up with for the submission...I basically didn't want to re-paint my base color so I just painted on some stripes in gold and added the rhinestones =P I would've preferably went all out on the bling and just stuck a buncha diff rhinestones if I hadn;t been so lazy to remove the nude polish =P

here's a link to PHD's nail challenge page =) u guys should check out the design she came up with its so awesome!!

link to the challenge:
link to her nail design for the challenge:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blue/Red Black manicure

I really liked how this manicure turned out...the colors really popped and it looked really unique =D