Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game + Don't Call Me Baby

So I'd originally gone to Nordstrom today to pick up Marquee Moon and to check if they'd by any chance gotten Happy luck =( But while I was there, I noticed Wicked Game and Don't Call Me Baby. guy friend noticed the two since he thoguht Wicked Game looked unique and mentioned Don't Call Me Baby must be a really nice color since it was almost all used up in the sample bottle. I tried on Wicked Game and was honestly quite suprised and pleased. I generally like cremes, but this color made my nail look like a pearl! I tried some other colors on my nails and kept looking back at Don't Call Me Baby, and decided to paint the tip of my thumb (which already had Wicked Game painted on it) with Don't Call Me Baby. Since DCMB is so sheer, it went right over Wicked Game and made it look like a gradiation. I've been OBSESSED w/ gradiation, and since the pink in DCMB blended in so perfectly w/ the lilacish pink of Wicked Game, it made my nail look AWESOME!

I apologize for the picture spam but I just wanted to get diff pics of how Wicked Game changes colors under different angles/lighting...its SUCH a gorgeous color! Notice how it changes between green/gold/purplish/pinkish?

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