Monday, August 23, 2010

Unicorn Vomit Marble

I wanted princess-y rainbow happy unicorn rainbows so I painted my nails baby pink, baby blue, and neon pink for the base and marbled Sally Hansen HD collection over them...I decided to make the base diff colors so that my nails would look more rainbowey...since depending on the base color the marble comes out differently, I figured having different base colors would give my nails a wider variety of colors...

I used the exact same colors to marble with as my last marble manicure where I marbled them over Essie - Sew Pysched...what a huge diff the base color makes huh...this one is all rainbowy and colorey while the last manicure looked like oil spills...I loved this manicure it was so fun and summery =D


  1. haha, great title!
    I like the purple yellow blue one!

  2. this looks really good on you. I love the iridescent ness of it!

  3. lol, unicorn vomit! This looks so magical though

    do you think unicorn vomit has the same healing effects as unicorn tears?

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