Monday, June 21, 2010

Neon Water Marble attempt

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...I've been kinda conservative with my nails lately since I started work, and my laptops been actin up so I can't upload my camera pics since I load em through the SD reader on my laptop...anyway these nails are pre-job last wild manicure for the past 3 weeks haha...I used china glaze's neon collection polishes, the yellow was a non-neon yellow from china glaze too...I wanted to do a marble after seeing someone else's neon water marble on their blog...but mine was a big fat fail =( u can see my left and right hand look absolutely and completely different even though I did them at the same time...for some reason they just didn't marble well...oh well =P


  1. I think they both look pretty cool though!

  2. aww thanks =D i actually like how they look...i just wonder why they didn't turn out perfectly marbled like everyone else's marbles that i see haha...i even followed 2 diff ppl's tutorials and they still turned out nothing like theirs haha