Friday, June 4, 2010

Bling Bling Challenge

I had on some pretty funky nails earlier this week until I got called in for a interview yesterday morning...they wanted me to go in for the interview in the afternoon on the same day so I quickly stripped off what I had and painted them the nude color from the Lippmann collection...i LOVE LOVE LOVE that color...anyway, after the interview I really wanted to participate in Polish Hoarder Disorder's weekly nail challenge, the theme being "Bling Bling" this here's what I came up with for the submission...I basically didn't want to re-paint my base color so I just painted on some stripes in gold and added the rhinestones =P I would've preferably went all out on the bling and just stuck a buncha diff rhinestones if I hadn;t been so lazy to remove the nude polish =P

here's a link to PHD's nail challenge page =) u guys should check out the design she came up with its so awesome!!

link to the challenge:
link to her nail design for the challenge:


  1. Wow. Saw your entry to the challenge via PHD and I loved your design! Got to try that too :) The Orly foils are sooo fantastic!

  2. Awesome! I love love love the stripes.

  3. thanks for the nice comments =D yea i definitely love the orly foils...they're so shiny they actually reflect stuff like different colored lights and stuff haha