Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RBL Surf Collection Manicure! + Purple Haze

OMG I am loving this collection sooo much! The colors are sooo gorgeous and the formulas for these were incredible...all of them were 2 coaters...these are the first non-glitter polishes of RBL that I've tried (I own Locavore, Frugalista, and Look Rich Be Cheap which are my fave glitters out of everything I own) and I'm sooo loving the formula and application =D

I literally screamed when I received the packages cause I've been waiting for these for sooo long and missed the first pre-sale...anyway without further adieu, here's 360, Diddy Mow, Bangin, and Purple Haze (which was not part of the surf collection but I thought it'd go well with my manicure)
360: dusty greyed olive green w/ the slightest shimmer
Diddy Mow: dusty blue-grey with a touch of green w/ slight shimmer
Bangin: Hot, bright red w/ orange undertones
Purple Haze: Medium slightly greyed purple

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