Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sally Hansen HD collection

I went to Walgreens yesterday w/ NO intention on buying nail polish until I saw this collection...I was intrigued since it looked so flashy and shimmery so I tried a couple colors on my nails and fell absoloutely in love with all of them...they;re SOOOOO shimmery and sparkly, moreso than any other nail polishes I own...I guess it has to do w/ their new formula they put mica crystals in em? I remember reading about it in someone else's blog...I don't know for thing I do know is that these are fantastically bright

Formula on these were a little sheer...I put on 3 pretty thick coats and I still would have put on one more if my friend hadn't showed up at my house...I was like, ya gotta wait for me to paint my nails...he was like, uhhh....and didn't say anything more haha

Anyway, these are so shiny, sparkly, shimmery, iridescent, duochromey...etc...they're definitely worth having =)

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  1. I think you should post up the ones I painted for you..