Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Red, Teal, and Glitter Manicure

So after I uploaded these I realized how nasty my cuticles are...so I went out and bought some cuticle oil...I promise my pics will feature nicer cuticles in the future...

Anyway, I used OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui from their new Hong Kong collection which is an AWESOME tealish creme thats my current fave blue. The color is just SO gorgeous and goes with EVERYTHING!! I also used Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore...OMG I couldn't stop staring at my ring finger nail since the different glitters were so pretty!! 3 coats gave my nail full coverage. The red I used was Essie Lolipop from their Winter 2009 collection.

I got a really cute dress and the colors matched my nails perfectly so I figured I'd include some pics with the dress =)

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