Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday - Deborah Lippmann

I hunted for WEEKS for this nail polish and I FINALLY found it!!! I've been debating whether I should layer it over a single color or just wear it bare and I finally decided to wear it bare...i LOVE LOVE LVOE this polish! No matter how I move my hands, there's just a sparkle to it I can't stop staring at my hands =D This is w/ two coats...


  1. This is so fun! LOL. When I saw the title of your post I thought, "OO Happy birthday Deborah Lippmann!" and then I realized it was the name of the polish. Doh. =]

  2. It's really fun looking. I think for such a expensive polish they could have stuffed a little more glitter in there. It looks really sparse on the nail. But still fun!

  3. Skulda that was definitely my first thought when I tried on the polish! $18 better get me coverage like how the glitter polishes from RBL do...but the more I look at it, I kinda like that it's more sparse, that way if you have color underneath, it peeks out nicely, and even worn alone, it's more unique than the typical glitter that just covers the entire nail...usually w/ full coverage glitters your fingers all become one color...w/ this it makes each nail unique since each nail has a different sparkle to it =) but if they came out w/ one that was jampacked w/ all these multiglitters and gave full coverage, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat =P