Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue Floral

Hey guys here's a quick post of one of my recent manicures...I didn't put a top coat on it and 2 days straight of basketball screwed up this mani pretty badly before I had a chance to take pics with my camera...i got to take a couple pics though w/ my phone though so here they are =) the second pic was taken while i was pulling outta my place and looked down at the steering wheel and thoguht to myself oh how pretty!!! so i snapped a pic of my hand on the steering wheel =P enjoy!


  1. ooh did u do that by hand! this is adorable. and without a topcoat. it lasted a long time.

  2. this is adorable, I wish I was as talented as you!

  3. aww thanks =D this is actually really easy...i just swirled diff shades of blue and pink in diff sizes to make the flowers and blobbed on green paint for the leaves...looks a lot more complicated than it really is =)